Based on its investment team’s extensive expertise, FINVEST currently concentrates on 2 strategies for its private investments: Financial Services and Life Sciences


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Since I was launched in 2008 under the name of Rio Bravo Investimentos FIP, FINVEST and direct predecessors invested in 8 Financial Services companies, one of which sponsored a VC fund focused on real estate which in turn invested in 4 proptechs an/or “special opps” companies, for a total of 12 portfolio companies.

FINVEST was originally launched based on the thesis that credit services in Brazil were extremely inefficient and patterned after European-style commercial banks whereas the future pointed towards the American model based on capital markets. FINVEST then went on to build companies that would disrupt this system by introducing new financial instruments instituted by innovative regulation: (a) UBF Seguros, Brazil’s first surety company sold to Swiss Re, (b) Rio Bravo Investimentos, one of Brazil’s largest manager of REITs sold to Fosun, (c) RB Capital, Brazil’s leading MBS issuer and credit provider, sold do Orix Inc. and (d) Captalys, a CLO-based credit-as-a service platform currently in the portfolio. Other portfolio companies, past and present, include FINVEST Finanças, a highly specialized real estate investment company and venture builder, Cartão Unik, a payroll-linked credit card sold to Wex Inc, Augme Capital, a credit fund manager sold to XP, and Noverde Tecnologia e Pgtos, an unsecured consumer lending company sold to Dotz.

In 2020, FINVEST Finanças launched FINVEST Real Estate II FIP, a VC fund focused on real estate-related special opportunities and services (“proptechs”) such as CrediHome, a mortgage broker later sold to Loft, with a partial share swap, BSO Investimentos, a landbank company and i9iTECH, a homebuilders’s finance company.


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In the Life Sciences sector, FINVEST invests through SECURITAS BIO Holdings S.A., that sponsors 2 VC investment vehicles which invested in 14 healthcare and life sciences companies.

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SECURITAS BIO’s first investment was BBI Financial FIPEEI, Brazil´s first VC/PE fund for Healthcare and Life Sciences managed by FinHealth. Sponsored by Pfizer, Thermo Fisher, the IDB-Lab, BNDES and a group of Latin American institutional investors, the fund focuses on the most relevant trends in healthcare, such as Healthcare Services, Biopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Diagnostic Services & Digital Health, and its current portfolio companies include (a) BioZeus, a drug development co, (b) Timpel, a company that produces software and hardware for monitoring and bedside diagnosis, (c) Placi, Brazil´s first transitional care hospital network, (d) LifeMed, one of the largest Brazilian medical device companies, and (e) Mendelics, Latin America's first lab dedicated exclusively to genomic analysis.

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As part of its sector learning process, SECURITAS BIO Holdings made direct investments in 2 health-techs, both successfully divested. They were Vitta Tecnologia em Saúde, a digital hospital, and Nexodata, an eletronic prescriptions provider.

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Based on BioZeus’ first hand experience of trying to develp biotech start-ups in a country whose universities produce high quality and cost effective research but totally lacks funding and official support, SECURITAS BIO decided to create a technological bridge with Boston, the global “Biotech Hub”. As such, it founded Securitas BioSciences Group, a Cayman-based company with operations in Boston that functions as a “venture builder” in biotech.

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After 3 successful investments in Virtech Bio, Iviva Medical and Lowell Therapeutics (acquired by AcelRx) and a good professional and institutional network established in Boston, SECURITAS BIO it was time to re-focus on Latam, particularly Argentina and Brazil, where, in alliance with renowned research, medical and manufacturing institutions in South America, SECURITAS BIO is setting the stage to become a LatAm biotech reference.

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These companies include Vaxinz, Theravax, Meton - Accelerated Drug Discovery and Panarum-Benefits Life.